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Over 35 years ago, we made our debut with the Island Oasis® Strawberry Daiquiri Mix. Crafted with only natural, premium ingredients, it was an overnight sensation. Since then, Island Oasis has been helping create incredible beverages all over the world. Our belief is that true paradise is the essence of providing total refreshment that you can feel good about.

Island Oasis Products

Real. Fruity.

We start with real, perfectly ripened fruit, pick it fresh and puree it. We add a touch of real sugar, and it's ready to refresh any of your best beverages:




Tap into the latest cocktail trend

Create a premium beverage experience with Island Oasis® On Tap. Easy, efficient and consistent - tap cocktails keep the bar moving at the busiest times. Pre-batching signature beverages is easy with Island Oasis. Simply fill the reusable 5-gallon keg with the recipe of your choice and serve.

Featured Recipes

Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito

Ingredients: 1 oz Island Oasis Mojito 2 oz Island Oasis Watermelon 1.5 oz white rum 2.5 oz carbonated water 1 cup ice Yield: 12 oz. beverage
Milano Mint

Milano Mint

Description: Sweet and refreshing. The drink uses both soda and shaved ice for a dynamic texture resembling both a smoothie and a soda at the same time. Ingredients: 6 oz...

Equipped for everything

From our Island Oasis® Shaver Blender, to our entire collection of merchandising, to our custom solutions, we're right by your side to help grow your beverage business.