We naturally add the happy to every happy hour. For over 35 years, operators have trusted Island Oasis for ultra-premium drink mixes made with real and premium ingredients. Our iconic equipment, recipes and merchandising support provide a world class experience. As your beverage partner, we make it easy for you to keep the bar moving.

Premium Mixes
for Every Operation

Frozen Mixes

Our frozen drink mixes are made with real fruit and premium ingredients so you can easily craft the best cocktails in no time. Blended, shaken, stirred or brewed, the possibilities are endless. We offer over 20 different trendy and classic flavors and we’re always mixing up something new.

Shelf-stable Mixes

Island Oasis shelf-stable mixes offer the convenience of ambient storage and provides the same fresh, real, premium ingredients as our frozen line. They’re specifically crafted to help you easily mix your favorite drinks with none of the prep.

Island Oasis Plus+

Island Oasis Plus+™ smoothie mixes are flavorful and functional with the addition of Wellmune®, an ingredient clinically supported to help strengthen the immune system. They’re made with no added sugar, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and are high in antioxidant vitamin C. Blend with ice or water for an easy wellness juice or smoothie, or use as a base for a smoothie bowl.

Meticulously Crafted with Real Ingredients

Leading the way to a sustainable paradise

Island Oasis is committed to inspiring change and making a positive impact on people, society and the planet. We believe paradise is a place worth sustaining and we’re leading initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint and strengthen communities.

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