3 Smoothie Trends That Are Mixing Up 2022

Mix up your menu with these three smoothie trends.

Smoothies are often associated with wellness – drinks packed with fresh fruit and vegetables, add-ins like immune and digestive support – the perfect post-workout treat. But smoothies have evolved as consumers look for more indulgent snacks and different ways to incorporate wellness benefits into their everyday diet. We take a look at three trends in the smoothie market and offer ideas to easily add on-trend smoothies to your menu.

1. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls have gained popularity over the past few years. Datassential data shows that smoothie bowls have grown on menus +133% over the last four years and they’re only predicted to keep growing. They’re thicker than a drinkable smoothie and often include a base with antioxidant ingredients like acai and spirulina. For an Instagrammable touch – and to make it a complete meal – smoothie bowls are then topped with ingredients like fresh fruit, granola, nuts and seeds.


How to add it your menu: If you already offer smoothies on your menu, why not make it a bowl, too? You can pick and choose which toppings will make sense back of house. From shredded coconut to peanut butter, granola or nuts, there are so many options for elevating a smoothie bowl.

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2. Smoothies with Wellness Benefits

When most people think of smoothies, they think about functional benefits like digestive support, an energy boost or immunity support. Of course fruits and vegetables have natural health benefits, but there are also ways to add clinically supported ingredients to your smoothies. And it’s probably easier than you think!


How to add it your menu: Find easier ways to offer functional benefits to your customers. Island Oasis Plus+™ smoothie mixes include Wellmune®, a clinically supported ingredients that provides immunity support. DaVinci Gourmet Beverage Boost also uses Wellmune, so you can add functional benefits to a variety of beverages like smoothies and coffee.

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3. Indulgent Smoothies

Smoothies often have a health association, but indulgent smoothies are also popular with consumers. Seasonal flavors like peppermint mocha, sugar cookie and egg nog are now making their way into creamy smoothies. We’re even seeing flavors inspired by childhood favorite smoothies and Halloween candy.


How to add it to your menu: Play into seasonal flavors that you might already offer on your menu. Do you already have an egg nog latte around the holidays? Use that same syrup in a thicky, creamy smoothie and top it with inclusions or whipped cream.

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