Everything You Need to Know About Golden Dipt™ PreDIPT™

Save money and time with Golden Dipt™ PreDIPT™ batters.

With the rising cost of eggs, you need to find ways to optimize the way you bread and batter food with a consistent product. Traditional egg and milk washes are expensive and don't always provide consistent coverage, especially on hard-to-coat foods.

Golden Dipt PreDIPT batter allows you to innovate in the kitchen without the costs and challenges of traditional washes. Learn more about the benefits of PreDIPT and get frying!

Why should I use a PreDIPT batter versus a traditional egg and milk wash?

Traditional egg and milk washes cost more money, require refrigeration and create food safety concerns from cross-contamination.

PreDIPT batter can also help cut costs – especially in recessionary times where the price of milk and eggs have been consistently on the rise. Golden Dipt PreDIPT batter offers significant cost savings over traditional batter. One case of PreDIPT is equal to 15 gallons of milk and 15 dozen eggs.

predip batter

What is Golden Dipt PreDIPT?

Golden Dipt PreDIPT provides consistent coating and perfect golden-brown color every time you drop food in the fryer. PreDIPT is available in both original and buttermilk flavors you can create a variety of menu items with one (or two) simple SKUs. Simply add water to PreDIPT batter and start frying up something great.

How does PreDIPT work?

Golden Dipt PreDIPT works on even the hardest-to-coat foods, improving coverage and coating adherence while sealing in the flavor of the food and keeping out the oil. Craft hand-battered chicken, fish, shrimp and more all with a few easy steps.

breaded shrimp

What are the benefits of PreDIPT?

  • Customizable viscosity, perfect for hard-to-coat foods that requires a thicker or thinner coverage.
  • You can create signature batter flavors by replacing water with juice, beer or other liquids.
  • 12-month ambient shelf life extends product accessibility.
  • No refrigeration required before use.
  • Remarkable moisture retention protects food integrity for a better plate appearance.
  • Low oil absorption allows fried foods to stay crispier longer.
  • No cross-contamination from raw eggs.

Golden Dipt breaders, batters, breadcrumbs and mixes are expertly crafted to elevate recipes from ordinary to extraordinary. Contact us to learn more about our Golden Dipt solutions for foodservice operations.