St. Patrick's Day Coffee Cocktails

St. Patrick's day is usually the time for green beer and lots of cheer. Customers look to holidays like St. Patrick's Day as a chance to try limited time offers (LTOs), sharing pictures of fun drinks on Instagram. This St. Patrick's Day may be a little different, but there's still room for menu innovation. Whether you're a coffee shop with a boozy menu or a bar looking to add a caffeinated kick, we have a few DaVinci Gourmet coffee cocktails that will truly bring you the luck o' the Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

Nutty Irishman

Start out St. Patrick’s Day right with our Nutty Irishman recipe. You’ll love the authentic taste of hazelnut and Irish cream combined with Kahlua, coffee and Irish whiskey.

Irish Coffee

To make a proper Irish Coffee the cream needs to float on top of the hot coffee. There is a sensation of sweet cold fatty cream, on top of alcohol and bitter coffee. The balance is brilliant. The cream should flow with the coffee below, but have its own structure.

  • Jameson Irish whiskey
  • 9 fl.oz. coffee
  • 1 fl. oz. DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Syrup
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • Directions: Take a small container of heavy whipping cream, pour out about half (set aside). Add in 10% or just 1oz of DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla. Close spout of heavy whipping cream and shake for about 1 minute. You will start to hear the sound soften as you are incorporating air into the liquid and agitating the proteins in the milk. Is should look like a milkshake. It needs to float on the hot coffee. So simply pour a little cream from a very close distance to your coffee. If it floats, then add a small layer on top. Garnish with cinnamon or coffee grounds for the best aroma and visuals

Cold Brew Sangria

While this recipe is for a mocktail, you can easily appease customers looking for boozy beverage by adding wine. The smooth cold brew provides the perfect pick-me-up, whether it's the top o' the morning or an afternoon Sláinte!

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Honey or sweet juice and fruits and juices such as berries, stone fruits and citrus fruits
  • Directions: In a French press: Combine coffee, cold water and a mix of the fruits you have on hand. Steep sliced fruits with your regular cold brew. Slicing the fruits helps them infuse, use fruits like red berries, peaches and oranges (use same volume fruit as ground coffee). After recipe is complete, filter and sweeten to taste with DaVinci Gourmet Cane Sugar Syrup (5-10%).
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