There’s not much we won’t do for donut shops.

From the moment a patron steps through the doors of your donut shop, there’s nothing quite like the flavors, textures and aromas on display. It’s what draws in the busy exec who wants to reward her staff for working all night on a new business pitch. And it’s what attracts the parents who want to give their child a special treat for acing a tough spelling test. For more than 20 years, Kerry North American Brands has been helping donut shop owners reach their max potential.

Interesting, very, very interesting.

How do we help you reach that potential? Glad you asked. First, we provide the most delightful, delicious and interesting flavors. Unique flavors give you the opportunity to be hyper-creative and super-profitable with your offerings. Next we offer all of the little extra somethings that make all the difference.

Stand-by-your-side support.

Want help with merchandising? We can provide it. Looking for a new menu idea? We’re there for you. Have a unique product request? We’re ready to help. Contact us today!