Foodies of the world, rejoice.

Here’s something you already know: foodies and home chefs live to celebrate food and drink at every possible opportunity. Any occasion is the right time to try a new recipe and create something truly mouth-watering (just ask any guest at a foodie’s last dinner party). At Kerry North American Brands, we’re proud to offer leading restaurant, café and bar products that are absolutely perfect for home use.

The most craveable flavors.

Foodies, home chefs, baristas and mixologists in kitchens everywhere count on us for flavorings and sauces that liven up a variety of recipes. For example, our DaVinci Gourmet® products can add flavor to a morning coffee, spruce up a homemade latte, add a twist to a favorite frappé or add flavor to dressings, sweets and desserts. And some flavors even come in 375 mL packages that fit nicely in a kitchen cupboard or pantry. It’s all part of our commitment to home culinary excellence.

Have an idea?

We’re listening. Is there a flavor you wish we carried? Have a new product idea? How about a recipe to share? We know you do, and we’d love to hear all about it–then deliver what you’re looking for. Why don’t we start that conversation today?