Coffee Gelatin Squares


Replace some of the water in Jell-O with hot coffee. Now treat it as Boba Tea, play with the textures, make something exciting out of it


1 Jell-O packet
hot coffee
6oz ginger kombucha
1/2 cup of hand shaken cream (substitute with vanilla pudding or vanilla ice cream)


4 cups


Version 1: Kombucha Jiggler
½ cup coffee Jello, about 4 large pieces
Prepare Jello-O according to instructions, but substitute half the water contents with hot coffee.
6oz ginger kombucha
Version 2: Coffee Scooper
½ cup coffee Jello (about 4 large pieces)
½ cup hand shaken cream with vanilla, substitute with vanilla pudding or ice cream if preferred.
Pour gelatin into a dish(es) and let set; chill in refrigerator.
Serve alone or top with hand shaken cream with vanil, vanilla pudding, or ice cream.

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