Stove Top Latte


Making a latte at home is fairly simple, just takes a little learning. The big piece most people overlook is how to texture their milk. But don't worry, we have some tricks for that


Fine-medium ground coffee
1 oz. DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Syrup




Uses both a French press and a Moka Pot, strange you might think but here is why. The Moka Pot creates a nicely concentrated ‘shot’ of coffee. Is it espresso? No, not by definition, but it is very potent, which is exactly what we want if we are to add a lot of milk.
The milk, use as high of fat as you can, not whipped cream of course, but you might love it with half and half, or of course the new trend of oat milks are tasty. Heat slowly, aim for 150’ degrees, or just when the sides of the pot sizzle if you swirl the liquids. Remember time is your friend here. Or use a microwave.
Making a Moka Pot is simple. 3 chambers, add water, coffee, takes a few minutes to boil. Once it brews it will be very hot, be careful.
Now combine ingredients with some sugar into a French Press. Plunge the filter of the French press for 10 seconds to get nice tight bubbles, slowly pull the plunger out of the milk, then pour into your pre-heated mug.
Pro-tip: we can’t make the milk too hot, it will burn. Put also as we transfer from stove to French Press, then to mug, then to enjoy, each phase it is losing heat. We can’t make it ‘extra hot’ without burning that milk. So, pre-heating each device simply with hot water is a great solution.

Born to raise flavor.

Born to raise flavor.

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