Sangria Slushie

Fire up those Island Oasis Shaver Blenders! You'll be thinking all about sandy beaches and tropical escapes when you take your first sip of the perfectly sweet Sangria Slushie.


3 oz. Tropical or Malibu Rum
3 oz. Rose wine, chilled
2 oz. Island Oasis Sangria, chilled
2 oz. Island Oasis Mango, chilled
12 oz. Ice (using button #2 on shaver blender)
Mango slices (garnish)
Sprig of mint (garnish)


Combine rum, wine, sangria and mango mix into an Island Oasis pitcher. Press button #2 on the shaver blender. Pour mixture into a glass and serve with fresh mango slices and a mint sprig garnish.

This recipe can also be made using a standard blender, if an Island Oasis Shaver blender is not available.

Welcome to Pure Paradise

Welcome to Pure Paradise